Sunday, September 2, 2012


A new line of polymer clay sculpts in my Etsy shop.  Tiny little animal sculptures.  Hubby came up with the name PETites, as they are petite  little pets.  I love it and was very surprised he thought of it.  Each one comes in its own little pet carrier.  I will be making a lot more of these and putting them in my shop.
 These first ones were not easy to make with the heat we have been having.  The clay got soft very quickly and made it difficult to work with.  I am hoping I can get a little more detailed on the next batch, but working that small is not the easiest thing to do.  Very challenging.
You can check them out at  

Sunday, July 1, 2012

It has, once again, been forever since I posted here.  Really have not had to time to make anything.  Now that I am not working, I am creating again. Here is a centaur that I worked on for a long time.  It is needle felted out of wool.  It is 12" tall and 12" long.  I have also entered it into a contest.  Wish me luck.
I have also created a new line of polymer clay sculpts.  I call them Hen Feathers.  I have had pet chickens for two years now.  I really love my birds, and had a few favorites too.  Out of the 27 birds I had I only have one left.  over the past year, first foxes then bobcats killed them off.  Every time one was killed a pile of beautiful colored and fuzzy feathers were left behind.  I would gather them up planning on using them in my crafts.  In honor of my beloved birds I lost, I started sculpting whimsical hens and roosters in three sizes using the feathers for their wings and tails.  You can see the whole line of them at my Etsy store:  Here are a few pics to peak your curiosity.
Large Hen

small hen

small crowing rooster

Have a great day all.