Sunday, July 1, 2012

It has, once again, been forever since I posted here.  Really have not had to time to make anything.  Now that I am not working, I am creating again. Here is a centaur that I worked on for a long time.  It is needle felted out of wool.  It is 12" tall and 12" long.  I have also entered it into a contest.  Wish me luck.
I have also created a new line of polymer clay sculpts.  I call them Hen Feathers.  I have had pet chickens for two years now.  I really love my birds, and had a few favorites too.  Out of the 27 birds I had I only have one left.  over the past year, first foxes then bobcats killed them off.  Every time one was killed a pile of beautiful colored and fuzzy feathers were left behind.  I would gather them up planning on using them in my crafts.  In honor of my beloved birds I lost, I started sculpting whimsical hens and roosters in three sizes using the feathers for their wings and tails.  You can see the whole line of them at my Etsy store:  Here are a few pics to peak your curiosity.
Large Hen

small hen

small crowing rooster

Have a great day all.