Friday, June 26, 2009

We have some new babies on the farm. Here is one of six kittens, now 8 weeks old. This is Tommy.

This is Precious. She was my favorite. A beautiful little dilute totise shell. Unfortunately, something killed and ate most of her. I was heart broken. We had 7 kittens until this happened.
This is Chester at one day old. He is one of a pair a baby goats that are now two weeks old.

This is Chester's brother, Charlie. ARen't they just the cutest. I am working on getting them used to being handled. Boy, can they cry loudly. LOL!

This is Sasha at 1 week old. She is our new beefalo calf. I love her white face Now we are just waitingon the foal. And hopefully the peahen has laid eggs and we will have baby peafowl soon.

This is the great part about working on a farm. All the new arrivals. I just love bby animals. They are all so precious I cry when something happens to one of them.

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  1. how lovely to see all those new arrivals. I've done a lot of lambing this year in various parts of England so I totally get the whole exciting new arrivals thing as well as that feeling you get when one you're attached to doesn't make it.

    Good luck with them all!