Monday, February 15, 2010


I have just completed two needle felted mermaids.  There is a store in West Milton, Ohio called Really Cool Stuff that sells my artwork.  They asked for some mermaids.  So I made these to send there.   The first one is my favorite.  I found this wonderful multi-color  roving with a silvery white silk going through it.  It made the perfect mermaid tail.  The hair is combed wool, and she is holding a starfish.  
I am still having trouble with faces but I think they are getting better.  Mouths seem to be the most difficult for me.  I need to study some pictures, look at my own face in the mirror, and my hubby's face a little closer to see how all the parts fit together on a face. 
The second one is smaller and also has hair of combed wool.  I think she looks a little more cartoonish then the bigger one.  That's okay.  I will also be sending some of my Best Little Catnip Balls ever and Best Little Catnip Mice Ever.  These are my best sellers on my Etsy shop and at shows that I do.  I will also be doing some Easter related items to send.  Got to get back to work now.

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