Sunday, April 19, 2009

Been a while - my newest line of needle felts

I have started a new line of needle felts. I am calling them Alphabet Pets. I went to an auction and got a big box of kids blocks. I knew immediately what I wanted to do if I got them and I won the bidding. So, I came home with this idea, but couldn't think of a name. So I held a contest on my needle felting group

The name I wanted to go with was Alhapets, but when googled, there were tons of things out there with that name. So,. I went with my second choice, Alphabet Pets. The two lovely ladies whose names I chose each get an Alphabet Pet. Mary, who came up with Alphabet Pets got the one you see here. The very first one in the series. Tania, who came up with Alphapets gets the second one I am going to make.
Each one will be signed and numbered and come with a Certificate Of Authenticity. Not sure if I am going to put them on Ebay or open an Etsy store.

It isn't easy needle felting this small. Each one will be firmly felted, and glued to a block. I will be doing all sorts of animals, and will keep you posted on new ones.

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  1. Good luck with your new line Cat and Congrat's on your win, I know he was my fav. out of the group.Hey I was reading on wool and moths and was just wondering, do sheep get moths LOL....KIII