Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year

It is a new year and a new start.  I want to start anew in so many things.  I want to get my Etsy store selling regularly.  I want to lose the rest of my weight.  I want to get caught up and stay caught up on my penpals.  I want to work faithfully on my novel.  I want to complete my studies to become a certified herbologist.  And I want to work toward Zoomer's and my dream of living in the country and building a strawbale house and living off the land.  That is a lot to cram into one year, but if I can pull it off, what a fantastic year it is going to be.

Introducing a new line of fleties, my Kitten Kaboodles and Puppy Doodles.  These are now on my Etsy shop www.sacredcat.etsy.com   I will be making more here soon and adding those also.  So please check out my site and I bet you will fall in love with one of my little critters.  And don't forget, I donate a portion of my sales to Anderson Woods, Inc., a camp for handicap kids and adults. Check out their website at www.andersonwoods.org    

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