Monday, January 11, 2010


This is Shasta.  She is a longhaired pointer.  This is the dog that lived with us in the caretakers cabin at the farm we worked at.  She adpted us as her people and the two of us were inseparable.   When Zoomer and I moved from the farm, we were heartbroken at having to leave her behind.  Her original owner, Judy's grandson, said to give her to us.  But Judy and I both agreed that she loved to run way too much to take her from the farm.  She loves to run so much that she runs all her weight off. 
Well, Thursday, Judy told me Shasta just wasn't happy since we left and if I promised to bring her over to run when I came to feed the animals, we could have her.  She loves it here.  She follows me everywhere.  She has a warm house to live in, and she gets to go over twice a day and run to her hearts content.  It is as if she has lived here all the time.  There was no adjustment period, she just fit right in.  Even Zoomer had missed her and was happy she was coming to live with us.  We went and bought supplies which cost $100 and he didn't even bat an eye. 
Our baby is home and it is not so lonely around here during the day now.

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