Monday, August 2, 2010

Update on BFAC project and I am in tears over it;

Well,I have not slept since Saturday night.  I guess I made my doll too big, because I just could not get it beaded fast enough.  And, since I started working, it really cut into my time I had to work on it.  I got home from work yesterday at 5pm and started working on it and I was still working on it at 9am the next morning.  I had to mail it before work as the  post office would be closed when I got off work.  I rushed getting dressed and packaging the doll, and drove like a maniac to the post office, hoping I would not end up late for work.  It is mailed.  It is post marked today per instructions.  I hurried and took pictures for entering into the contest.
Now, here is why I am in tears.  First, I wanted to bead the whole doll, but just could not do it.  I ran out of time.  So, I painted the doll with a dark bronze metallic paint and it really set off the colors of the beads.   So I am thinking, okay, it is not totally beaded, but it doesn't look too bad.  I go to work.  I really do not know how I made it working 7 hours with no sleep, but I did.  I come home.  I download the pictures.  Now this is where the tears start. 
As I look at the pictures, I notice that I did not finish beading a certain area that I was outlining with the bronze beads.  I had figured, okay, it is not totally beaded as I wanted to do, but no one else would know.  But when I saw this in the pictures, well it is very obvious.  There is also knots and thread showing that would have been covered if she was totally beaded.  I had hoped that the paint would cover them and blend them in.  I was too tired to notice this morning that it  did not do this, until I saw the pictures.

Then, I am sitting at my craft table and move a paper, and there under the paper is a packet of crystals from the kit, unopened.  I am filled with dread and the tears begin again.  The rules state that you have to use at least one of each bead in the kit.  If yo do not follow the rules, your piece will be returned, you have to pay a donation of $50 and you will  be banned from next years project.  I thought I had used all the beads, but there it was, the unopened package hiding under a paper. 

I am so upset., I can barely see to type this.  BFAC is very important to me and I planned on doing it every year for as long as they have it.  Now I am going to be banned from it.  My pictures show so many imperfections and because of that and knowing my piece will be returned, I am not even going to bother sending in the pictures.  I worked so long on this and it is not going to be used. 
Well, here are the pictures, anyway.I am really embarrassed to be showing you, but I promised, so here they are.  I really had high hope that my doll would bring in some good money in next years auction, as dolls really seem to do we.  Now, she will not even be in the auction, after losing a whole nights sleep trying to get her finished.


  1. Oh Cat, Im so sorry but you have to think positive! Maybe they will look at the wonderful work you have done and not even notice the beads being missing. Think positive girl!!!!

  2. cat, i'm so sorry you put in all that work and feel that you have nothing to show for it. but that's not quite true, you know. perhaps if you explained to them what happened they may allow you to enter again next year. you'll never know if you don't try. i think she's beautiful, and you did an awesome job on her!!!!!
    hugs, jann in WA

  3. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. You did beautiful work. Communication is the key to solving problems and turning things around. I'm so glad you showed her to us! LOVE IT!!

  4. You were fined and banned from next year? What an odd rule.

  5. Your work is beautiful, she is definitely a doll to be proud of.
    Their rules seem unnecessarily harsh. They are getting items to donate- why fine and then ban from participating the following year.
    I am still in awe of your dolls beauty though. She is gorgeous

  6. Your doll is turning out so beautiful. Everything for a reason. Maybe you are meant to keep her for yourself, so when she is returned to you, you will be able to finish her as you wanted to.

    I would contact them at BFAC and explain what happened with the missing packet of beads and that you understand this doll won't be auctioned off this year per the rules, but ask that you be allowed to participate again next year. I am sure they would be willing to work with you if you emailed and talked to them.

    Hugs, I know you put a lot of work in to that doll.

  7. Your ambition in beading the entire doll is nothing short of impressive, and you should be proud of your dedication. That said, the current patterns against the painted background also has its own unique charm, you should feel confident embracing what you've produced here.

    Now, as someone who has by-proxy knowledge of how BFAC works with its participants, I have no qualms about saying that many of their rules are Draconian. It's supposed to be a charity. Fines, immutable deadlines, and threats of expulsion belong in a college art department.

    My point is that you should not feel that you are somehow at fault here. You poured your absolute heart into your piece and did it for a good cause. What more can one possibly ask of someone?

    Of course, it's worth trying to explain your situation to the powers that be. I've personally seen that work before. However, if they're immovable about this including the ridiculous ban, I would certainly not pay the $50 donation/fine. That's just adding insult to injury.

    If you still want to contribute to the charity, it would probably be better to finish the doll as you'd like, sell or auction it yourself, and then donate whatever percentage of the funds you deem fit directly to the colorectal charity. I would almost guarantee you could end up generating more money for the charity that way than through BFAC's auctions.

    Be proud of your impressive work and keep doing what you love. That's what's most important.

    - Anonymous Friend of a BFAC Contributor

  8. The Big 'P'- procrastination- sigh- it gets us all from time to time. I hope your Spirit Doll provides you with the healing, as everything we do brings us a lesson to understand. She is a beauty, just as she is.
    I would hope the BFAC would understand, but it must be tough for them running a project that large, and keeping things somewhat in line with each other.
    Reiki Blessings, Friend!

  9. I think she is just amazing and beautiful Cat, I hope you still get to do next year, seems it would be their loss.

  10. I'm so sorry that this happened to you, I think your doll is lovely. I used to participate in the BFAC when the project first began, but as the rules got stricter and more ridiculous (among other things I won't go into), I decided that the frustration wasn't worth my time or effort.

    There are plenty of other ways to donate to causes you feel strongly about. Please don't let them bully you into paying a $50 fee, that's ridiculous and doubt it's even legal.