Thursday, September 30, 2010

Peace Felt 2010

I joined a wonderful project started by Marie Spaulding of Living Felt called Peace Felt 2010.  Check out  As usual, I am a little behind, but I finally finished my project and will be mailing it to Scotland, to a wonderful woman, Valerie, who has a craft store/gallery and will be hanging my piece in her gallery.  This made me very nervous, but I believe I have created something worth hanging in a gallery.
Peace is something I have always dreamed of for this world.  A world full of love and joy and caring for one another.  To me, the purist symbol of Peace is a white dove.  This was the basis of my creation.
The Earth is needle felted onto a florist foam ball to keep the piece light for hanging.  The dove is 100% wool.  I really enjoyed making this creation and it is one of the biggest pieces I have made.  I did the land masses on the Earth by freehand, so I must admit that they are not exactly true to their placement on the real Earth.  Each feather on the doves tail and wings was made separately then added on.

Just curious, does anyone else notice in the picture of me holding the piece, that it seems to be glowing, or is it just me?


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  2. Wow Cat, that is an amazing piece of work and yes it is glowing with love and peace! You did so well and you should be so proud of this. It's a wonderful thing to share with the world (or Scotland at least!) Viv

  3. beautiful! And congrats on having it in a gallery. Yes, it is glowing.

  4. Congrats Cat!!! You go girl!! you should be so proud! and yes it is very much glowing!!

  5. Hi, Cat
    Your piece is certainly glowing! Amazing!
    Teresa in California