Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beading For A Cure Project.

I first heard about the Layne's Legacy: Beading For a Cure from someone on one of my beading groups I found out the kits would be available just days later, so as soon as they were available to new people, I purchased one. They send you a kit of beads, you have no idea what colors or kinds of beads until you get your kit. You then have to make a project using at least one of each bead. You can add one type/color of bead of your choice, and findings/metal type spacers, fibers, pendants, or a set of art beads that are not counted as your single added bead. I already knew, no matter what beads I got, that I wanted to attempt a bead embroidered necklace. I have always wanted to do these.
Here is the set of beads that we got this year. I am very pleased with the colors. I had a cabochon that went perfect with them.

These are the beads I chose to use with the kit beads. They are glass, with a finish on one side and black on the other. I never knew what to do with them until now.

Here is what I am working on. I am using a cabochon made by an Ohio Beader. I cannot remember who made it, so if you see it, and you made it, please let me know so I can give you credit. I also added a polymer clay seahorse pendant I made in the style of Christi Friesen. (You should check out her website, ) Since I added the seahorse, I decided to do a somewhat ocean theme. I am going to call the piece Jewels of the Sea. I am very pleased with it. I never thought I could do this type of beading, and I am surprising myself. The projects made this year will go up for auction next year.
They are auctioning last years projects on ebay right now. Just do a search for Beading For A Cure.


  1. Cat, your piece is looking amazing already!!! And what a wonderful cause to work for.

  2. Looks Good Cat!! isnt bead embroidery relaxing? i like doing it myself too