Monday, March 30, 2009

Amber and Copper

I love Amber. It is such a cool stone, not really a stone though. It is a tree resin, but it is so light that even big chunks weigh very little. I love chunky necklaces but they can be very heavy sometimes. Not with amber. It comes in different shades also. I had a couple different kinds of amber nuggets, and some amber chips. I have been wondering how amber would look with copper. I have come to really like using copper in my jewelry. So, yesterday morning, I whipped up this necklace and earrings with my amber and copper. I really like it and it is so light. I like the combination of the two colors of amber, and please don't ask what they are. I only know that one of them is Baltic amber.

My hubby, Zoomer usually only gives me an "It's okay" when I show him something I made. When I showed him this he said "That's really nice. A bit chunky, but with the right outfit, it would look reslly good." This is high praise coming from him.

In case you did not know, if you click on the pictures in a blog, it will take you to a larger version so you can see it better. I suggest it on this as it really shows the necklace up better.

I will be doing a show the last week of July. I hardly ever keep any of my jewelry. I just do not wear it that much. Especially around here. I have worn a piece of my jewelry every time we go out somewhere, but in the 9 months I have been here, not one single person has commented on anything I have worn. It seems like people here in Indiana just do not notice things like that. When I wore my jewelry in Ohio, I always got at least one comment each time, but usually more.


  1. Very nice Cat I love Amber too. I don't know how you find the time with the farm and critters to take care of....KIII

  2. Amber and copper are such great warm Earth tones.. lovely piece Cat you do amasing work. Hugs TC