Friday, March 20, 2009

New Additions

Well, it is Spring here at the farm, or close enough anyway. I went up the hill to feed the animals Monday morning and there were two adorable little lambs. Twins born to the one ewe we have here. I quickly made a pen for them in the hay room, and picked up the two little darlings and holding them low to the ground so the mama would see them, backed into the pen with her following. I just want to hold and cuddle them, but cannot mess with them till they are a week old, according to the farm's owner.

They each have one black foreleg and one white forleg with a black heart at the knee. Just too precious. Yesterday while I was up there feeding, the youngest one was bouncing straight up and down on all four leggs like a pogo stick. I am thoroughly enjoying watching them.

I am going to try to do needle felted sculptures of them as soon as I have the time.


  1. Oh Cat they are so darling, wish I could hold them too. The first thing I thought was needle felt their image, can't wait to see what you do. Do you sell wool from the farm? I forgot to order some white curly fleece for my lamb figure. Give the babies a hug for me....KIII

  2. How are the twins doing? Cuter than ever I bet.....KIII